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Healthy Hair – Important Shower Tricks to maintain your hair

Hair is the best dress that you wear daily. We all want long, thick and shiny hair that are easy to manage and creates an impression. But instead, we end up having rough, dry and messy hair. If your hair drives you insane or gets you chaotic, if you look at your friend’s hair and get jealous, this post is precisely what you have to read.

Healthy Hair - Important Shower Tricks to maintain your hair

Studies have shown that many times it is not the texture of hair that is dull or frizzy but the way we maintain them does the harm. So let us discuss some shower tips that would help you maintain the health of your hair to keep them thick and shinny.Follow the tips listed below and get flawless, gloomy hair.

1.Brush Accurately:

Moat women end up spoiling their hair just by brushing them in the wrong way. Brushing is the essential way to maintain your hair. Once you are out of the shower, don’t take a normal comb and began combing as the hairs are wet, they become weak from the roots. Continuous stretching of the comb can cause hair fall. Take a wide brush comb and gently began combing. Work through tangles elegantly starting from your head moving downwards. If your hair are dry, use a good serum or little oil to get rid of tangles easily.

  1. Don’t overuse of Shampoo:

One of the ways of spoiling the hair is over using shampoo.  Using of too much shampoo does not mean using shampoo in huge quantity but also using it every day.  Use shampoo only twice or thrice a week to save your hair’s health.  Using huge amount of shampoo makes the hair dry and creates split ends. Shampoo also consumes the nature oil your scalp produces to maintain your health thus making your hair frizzy.

  1. Limit shower time:

Keep your shower times short. Pouring excess water over your hair will wipe away the nutrients that hair posses naturally.  Don’t keep wet hair for long time. Also it is recommended to wash hair with cold water or make it slightly warm if needed. But don’t use hot water for washing hair as hot water burns the hair from inside making them messy from outside.

  1. Using Hair Conditioner:

Many people believe keeping conditioner for long time on hair will enhance its effect. This ideology is wrong. Conditioners effect only when they come in contact with your hair; it cannot enter your hair any further.  Avoid using conditioners on scalp as conditioner have strong  effects and make the hair weak from the scalp leading to hair loss. Take conditioner in your palm and gently apply it from middle of the hair to the end. It is recommended to use conditioners only twice a week.

  1. Pet Dry:

One of the mistakes people make while handling their hair is scrubbing them with towel after the shower to dry them.  Scrubbing your hair vigorously will end up tangling the hair and making them dry. The ideal way to dry your hair is cover them with a dry towel and keep it for some time until the towel soaks all the water from your hair.  Then take another dry towel and gently wipe the hair. This process may be lengthy but it helps to maintain the natural nutrients of the hair and makes hair easier for combing.

  1. Shampoo the right way:

People generally shampoo evenly on the scalp and hair. But this is the wrong way of shampooing. Use more shampoo on your scalp as the dirt gathers there while use less or no shampoo on your ends. You can wash the ends with the lather produced on the scalp. Using too much of shampoo on ends makes them dry and dull.

Use this shower tips to avoid harming your hair unintentionally, and to get long, thick and shiny hair.