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Worried by Dark-Neck Problems? Here are quick home remedies to overcome it

Many people have to take the embarrassment of having patches, dark areas and dull skin around their neck. Dark neck problems arise due to skin pigmentation known as acanthosis nigricans. Acanthosis nigricans is neither a disease nor an infection, it occurs due to prolonged suspension of sweat on the neck. Other cause of Acanthosis nigricans is sunlight which is also one of the important factors causing acanthosis nigricans

Below are the few home remedies whose daily application will help you cure Dark-neck. The working effect of these remedies depends on the darkness of the skin.


Nectar & Tomato:

Nectar is one of the useful components when it comes to skin problems. It helps to lighten the skin and comes at very reasonable price. Tomato is another skin lightening agent whose application makes the skin fairer. Blend nectar with tomato to make a paste and apply on the affected area. Leave the solution for twenty minutes and within few days you will notice the difference.


Cucumber is a natural coolant that helps skin in many ways. It is useful for purifying skin and heals the irritation from the skin. Cut cucumber in circle and scrub the piece over your neck. Scrub for at least five minutes on the affected areas daily. Cucumber will exfoliate the skin and expel dead skin cells. Use cucumber to get rid of your dark spots.


Almonds give a positive shine to your skin. It serves skin significantly and also adds additional moisture that skin needs.  Take one spoon almond powder, one spoon nectar and one spoon milk powder. Mix well and apply the paste on your neck and massage nicely to the affected area. Leave for thirty minutes before washing. See the difference from fifth day.


Walnuts works wonders for dark spots. Take a walnut and blend it into powder. Add two spoons of milk to one spoon of walnut powder and blend them together nicely to form a thick paste. Massage this paste for five minutes and leave for twenty minutes before washing. Apply daily till the dark spot disappear completely. Walnut is a very rich source of vitamins and you will notice the difference within third application

Olive Oil & Lemon juice:

A combination of olive oil and lemon juice proves to be very useful in treating dark spots. Apply the mixture of both and massage for few minutes. Leave for twenty minutes and then wash. From the first use you will notice the difference. Olive oil is a rich component used by thousands of people across the world to treat skin problems

Cocoa Butter:

Coca butter is known for its nourishment aspect. It is one of the best nourishing agents used on skin which helps to dispose dark spots and also keep the skin moisturize. Mix it with one spoon nectar and two spoons of milk for enhancing its effect on the skin. Within a week see your black spots turn white.